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The real estate market is impacted by the global capital market, causing market fluctuations, and this serves to heighten demand for the swift, accurate appraisal of real estate assets. As real estate assets each have unique attributes, it is imperative that appraisal analyses are conducted in a highly detailed manner in order to clearly identify property-specific characteristics.

Aoyama Realty Advisors' in-depth familiarity with the real estate and capital markets empowers us to provide accurate and reliable appraisals based on comprehensive real estate related information collection and analysis. This enables us to fulfill the varying professional perspectives of our clients – including real estate acquisition and disposition, financing, pension fund reporting and litigation.

Our key real estate appraisal staff each boast more than two decades of experience in real estate appraisal, investment, management, acquisition and disposition. For J-REITs and other clients, we have performed appraisals of large-scale office buildings, commercial facilities, luxury hotels and apartment buildings/condominiums, as well as other institutional investor grade real estate for securitization, and as collateral pledged to secure non-recourse loans. Our seasoned experts have also applied their accumulated know-how to a wide range of appraisal-related duties such as leasehold rights, leaseholds, sectional surface rights and portfolio analyses.

Our appraisal domain in Japan stretches from central Tokyo to the remote island of Okinawa. We also provide services for overseas real estate in New York, Hawaii and elsewhere. In addition to traditional targets for investment such as office buildings, apartments/condominiums and commercial facilities, we have experience in appraising the full spectrum of asset types encompassing hotels, inns, golf courses and infrastructure, and can provide our full suite of services in English for your convenience.

The majority of properties targeted for investment are held and traded by a diverse range of investors, such as domestic and overseas pension funds, life insurance companies, major real estate investment funds from Japan and abroad, and general corporations.

A wide variety of information is required for investment decisions and disposition of real estate assets – specialized experience is absolutely essential, and as a result many asset owners struggle to make these determinations without support. When considering investment into real estate, it is imperative to have an awareness of the latest transaction trends regionally, nationally and even internationally; the ability to perform due diligence; knowledge concerning real estate management, acquisition and disposition; and an understanding of real estate-related laws, regulations and common practices as well as financing conditions.

At Aoyama Realty Advisors, we apply up-to-the-minute information to the provision of a broad range of advisory services – including real estate acquisition, management, and the formulation of disposition strategies – to satisfy our client’s requirements to the letter.

Property Management
When clients entrust us with the administration of their real estate holdings, our efforts extend beyond just management – we operate the assets with the goals of maximizing their earning potential and optimizing the value of their assets.
Making full use of our community-based networks, we conduct leasing activities and effective property maintenance and management. Furthermore, we apply the knowledge acquired in the management of our own properties as well as our real estate appraisal expertise in performing our duties at a high level of quality from the perspective of an owner, thus contributing to the maximization of profitability for our clients.

Real Estate Asset Management
We have been entrusted with the management of properties Tokyo and in regional areas primarily by private funds. In addition to providing comprehensive asset management services in line with client needs from property acquisition to disposition, we provide individual support for closing, formulating of investment strategies, and IR reporting.
Real Estate Brokerage
We do not simply supply information on properties – once we have assessed the value of the property, we provide support as an intermediary in the acquisition and disposition of properties (including trust beneficiary rights) as well as brokerage for the leasing of office and retail space. We also offer a wide-array of support services, including the provision of up-to-the-minute information reflecting the latest market fluctuations and property status, and the proposing optimal solutions to resolve issues of our clients.
Real Estate Leasing
In addition to the aforementioned services, we also conduct leasing operations for our own properties in Shibuya Ward and Minato Ward, etc. (office, retail, apartments).
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