Results in for Real Estate Appraisers Exam 2014

The results for this year’s examination for real estate appraisers—otherwise known as the National Exam for Licensed Real Property Appraisers—were announced on October 17. In order to qualify as a real estate appraiser in Japan, applicants need to pass both a multiple-choice and written essay test. The number of successful examinees this year was a mere 84, as only 11.3% of examinees passed the essay test alone, and this number has been declining each year. The average age of appraisers, however, is on the rise: according to appraiser registration at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, appraisers 65 years or older account for slightly more than 30% of all appraisers, indicating a significant aging of those in the industry. It is our hope that more people will become interested in qualifying as real estate appraisers and that a greater number of young people will get involved in the business.

The October issue of Real Estate Appraisal [Fudosan Kantei] (Jutaku-Shimpo-sha, Inc.) ran the article “On Our 50th Anniversary of Publication: The Future as Seen by a Young Appraiser.” It is essential that the industry as a whole strives to gain public recognition, and as such revitalizes itself going forward.

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